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It is certainly hard to avoid difficulties, whatever the case may be, but you can always reduce their probability. To sell a website design easily you need to work hard from the very beginning and until the very end, and then the number of problems will be probably small. First of all, you should start with creation of a mockup, because an incorrect mockup often evokes much anger and causes a lot of troubles to layout designers. Actually, the most important is to remember the most important issues, such as grid and structure of the mockup, font, separation of graphics and texts, mockup mandatory elements, units of measurement etc. Details about each of them are available in this article.

But good quality of a mockup is not enough to sell a design. An important thing here is business acumen and high quality customer service. Customers must firstly be found, and secondly you need to attract them. Certainly, the most important way to find customers is to post your advertisements on Galior-Market.Com ;-)

The most important thing you should do to catch a customer is to present your project in a beautiful and reasonable way. It you have already found a "target" and are going to arrange a personal meeting, you can make use of some helpful project presentation recommendations.

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You know all this and you have something to sale, don't you? So Galior-Market invites you to sell a website template or mockup. No commission and intermediaries.


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