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XML file and request parameters

Results in XML format

Templates categories and types

Galior® Market platform gives an opportunity to PROF account users to use XML feed or JavaScript widget for the import of the sales offers on the third-party services. This software is a method of attracting clients and customers to the https://galior-market.ru platform as part of Galior® Market affiliate program, or to export their applications on third party sites. Another usage of it for getting content will be prosecuted.

XML file address and request parameters


Request parameters can be sent by GET and POST methods

Parameter Type Default Valid values Description
string     Personal API key.
(required parameters)
items integer 200 500 max Max items per request.
from integer 0   Start order number in request results. It’s convenient to use this parameter in the pagination implementation. For example, the filters shows you 12 000 results. XML shows first items results by default, i.e. 200 items. The next 200 results you can get by request: &from=200&items=200 and etc.
lang string RU RU, EN, ES Input language.
currency string RUB RUB, USD, EUR Currency of displayed prices.
cats string   Example: '265,216,277' Listing of categories ID.
All templates categories
types string   Пример: '1,2,6,7,12' Listing of templates types ID.
All templates types
seller string     Seller’s login. Only this seller’s template will be selected.
price_from integer     Start price
price_to integer     Final price

* Parameter pass – personal API key. It is a required parameter. It is available to partners and any registered user in a personal account in Affiliate program section.

Request example:


Results in XML format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<templates count="21880" items="3">


<date>2016-11-16 17:21:52</date>
<title>PrestaShop шаблон для магазина электроники и бытовой техники, готовый интернет-магазин</title>
<product>PrestaShop шаблоны</product>
<category>Электроника, Интернет-магазины</category>







count – the total number of templates found in database by specified parameters.
items – the number of templates in request results.
id  –  template ID.
date  –  publication date.
screenshot  –  template screenshot.
thumbnail  –  thumbnail template.
title  – title.
product  – product type name.
category  –  listing of templates categories.
price  –  normal sale price.
price_fix  –  price with installation. 0 – if a seller didn’t mention it.
price_exl  –  redemption price. 0 – if a seller did not mention it.
currency  – currency.
demo  –  direct link to demonstration page (live demo).
link  –  direct link to template page.

Server returns an answer in XML format in case of error occurred while authorization:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




Template categories and types

The list of template categories and types ID is always available in fetched XML:



<category id="265">Автомобили</category>
<category id="245">Альтернативная энергия</category>
<category id="347">Аниме</category>
<category id="225">Антикварная тема</category>
<category id="275">Арт-шаблоны</category>
<category id="65">Архитектура</category>




<type id="21">1С-Битрикс шаблоны</type>
<type id="50">Adobe Muse шаблоны</type>
<type id="25">AMIRO.CMS шаблоны</type>
<type id="32">CS-Cart шаблоны</type>
<type id="36">DLE шаблоны</type>
<type id="7">Drupal шаблоны</type>


Personal pass authorization code is required to get these XML. To display list in other languages use parameter lang.

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