Public Offer Agreement


This Public Offer Agreement shall regulate the relations, associated with sale of prepared designs, between administration of the website, hereinafter referred to as the "Administration" on the one hand and a private person, author of prepared designs, hereinafter referred to as the "Designer", on the other hand.


1. Scope of the Agreement

On the basis of this Agreement the Administration shall provide the Designer with the right to place information on his works in the form of a prepared design on  (hereinafter referred to as the website) or on pages of partners of  on a gratuitous basis, for the purpose of selling thereof.


2. Agreement conditions

The Administration offers to Designers the services, associated with posting of information on prepared designs (hereinafter referred to as the works) for the purposes of selling thereof to other users through the Website, on conditions, set forth herein. All transactions between Designers and Buyers shall be made directly. The Administration is not a participant, intermediary nor an organizer of these transactions.


3. Rights and responsibilities of the Parties

3.1 Rights and responsibilities of the Designer

3.1.1 The Designer shall observe the copyright of third parties and place for sale only his own works or other works, with the consent of their owners, without violation of intellectual property rights, otherwise the Designer shall be liable in compliance with the RB law.

3.1.2 The Designer shall reimburse for all losses and expenses, connected with appearance of claims and suits on the provided works, at his own expense.

3.1.3 The Designer is entitled to use the Website services, applying his own e-mail, password and log-in.

3.1.4 The Designer is entitled to make decisions on his own, concerning suspension of the sales process in respect of the works posted, account deletion etc.

3.1.5 The Designer is obliged to check information on his works, placed on sales, make necessary adjustments in the promo description of his work, in case any inaccurate information is detected.

3.1.6 The information published in advertisiment must be accurate and precise.

3.1.7 The advertising can’t contain the information that includes calls for violence, race, national, sexual, religious discrimination, information, containing strong language or any derivatives thereof or any other information in breach of the RB law.

3.1.8 Publications that do not meet the standards of morality cannot be published.

3.1.9 The advertisement cannot contain links to other sites (if it is not related to the sale of this product or is not a required condition for the publication of works of third parties) and advertising data connecting with other activities.

3.1.10 Works published in advertisements must be distinguished by a fairly high level of graphic design. Otherwise, works may be rejected for publication.


3.2 Rights and responsibilities of the Administrator

3.2.1 Administration is entitled to make a decision at its own discretion, concerning placement on sale or recall of Designer's works in cases of any inconsistency with the conditions and rules of posting of the works.

3.2.2 Administration is entitled to move, extend or terminate the period of demonstration of Designer's works for technical reasons, which may or may not depend on the Administration.

3.2.3 Administration is entitled to block or delete Designer's account in case of breach of any conditions hereof by the Designer or in case of any other material breaches. The material breaches shall include the following:

  • calls for violence, race, national, sexual, religious discrimination;
  • publishing of children's pornography, images and video materials, showing violence, and any materials, infringing the rights of minors;
  • publishing of obscene, defamatory information or information, containing strong language or any derivatives thereof;
  • calls for terrorism and overthrow of power;
  • use of spam in advertising of your own website;
  • any activity, focused on damage of reputation of the Administration or its service possibilities;
  • any other activity in breach of the RB law.

3.2.4 Administration shall observe the Designer's copyright in respect of the provided works.

3.2.5 Administration shall not distribute any confidential information on authors of the works sold, excluding information, located in public domain for Site visitors.

3.2.6 The administration is entitled to request from the Designer materials (design sources and/or html layout of the templates) or any documents to confirm his/her authorship or right to sell the published material. The administration may withdraw from publishing of Designer's ads until such documents or materials are presented.


4. Provision of paid services. Payment for the services.

4.1 Designers agreed the hereof terms have the right to use paid services the Administration provides.

4.2 The Administration provides the following paid services:

  • «Higlight advertisiment» - the advertisiment highlighted in red. A red star appears in the upperleft corner. The price of the template is written on a bright red label;
  • «Move to top» - the advertisiment comes first in the catalogue;
  • «Place in featured» - on home page, on catalogue pages in common list, on catalogue page in the advertisiment's category. The advertisiment are posted in turn in the featured block. As soon as the service is connected the ad will take the left place in the selected block.

4.3 Payment for the services of priority posting of advertisements (paid services) on the Site shall be effected in compliance with the applicable contract by way of debiting the internal account with respective amount of money.

4.4 The paid service shall be automatically connected just after the debiting of Designer's account with the money.

4.5 Designers can deposit to their inner account balance from their personal account cabinet using LLC Nonprofit «Yandex.Money».

4.6 The money, spent on replenishment of the internal account, may not be returned and may be spent only on paid services of the Site.


5. Liability

5.1 Administration is not responsible for accuracy of information, provided by the Designer in the advertisement.

5.2 Administration may not be held liable in case of any breach of copyright or any other rights by the Designer.

5.3 Administration is not responsible for information, posted by the Designer on the Site in public domain. The Designer shall bear all risks, associated with such posting of information, including the risks of getting of e-mail into spam lists and to different fraudsters.

5.4 The Designer shall bear liability in compliance with the RF law in cases of breach of the conditions hereof and the applicable RB law.


6. Effective period of the Agreement

The fist user's authentication on the Site with log-in and password shall be considered as the moment of conclusion of this Agreement. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of conclusion hereof and shall be valid until the moment of deletion of Designer's account from the Site.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Administration is entitled to amend and adjust this Public Offer Agreement without preliminary notification of Site Users.

7.2 with the conditions hereof shall be regulated in conformity with the RF law.



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