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Affiliate program Galior® Market

Galior® Market Web service makes it possible to profit from attracting customers
and users of our site. To participate in the affiliate program can be any registered buyer or seller.


from any payment user you invited

for each seller you are invited



 Program Benefits


Flexible Widget

for your site with the search for offers.


Flexible API

for import offers XML-formatted.


Ready-made banners

with your affiliate link.*

Detailed reports

on all earnings.

Withdraw earning

starting with $50 for 1-5 days.


as seller
as customer


or Log-in, if you already have an account.



* Your affiliate link type /inv=YOURLOGIN will work for any page of our site. If the customer or seller will register on our site - it becomes your referral for life. Link or banner can be published on any website that does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation. It can be forum, blog, social network page, etc.