How to make a correct Ad

In order to sell your template successfully, you should make an effective ad, which could work for itself. To this end, it is necessary to use some efforts and involve your imagination. To make your work a bit easier, we will tell you some secrets of correct advertisement posting.

1. Effective heading

The heading of your ad must be laconic on the one hand and must reflect in full the nature of the sold goods, on the other hand. Headings like Logo, Corporate Style, For a wedding boutique or

For a company dealing with metal items, are ineffectual. In the first three cases they are too short or undistinguished, and in the last case the heading is overladen with words and is hard to perceive.

2. Key words

To enable your ad to sell a design by itself, it is necessary to know some aspects of SEO copywriting. Use of the key words will contribute to availability of your ad page on higher positions of search, when the potential client will "search for your template".

How can you do it? It is very simple! In your case the key words are phrases, denoting the product your are selling, and the category.

Here are some examples:

Website design for sale. Fashion;

Logo for a building company;

Wordpress template for a website. Finance, economy etc.

You can use the key phrases not only in the heading, but in the product description as well. If you use the keys in a description text of under 800 characters, do not place them in the heading, excessive key words reduce the efficiency of the text. It also not worth splitting hairs, the best way is to write brief laconic texts and use one key.

3. Product description

People say: "a little body often harbors a great soul", but this principle does not always work, and your case is not an exclusion. When you make an ad, do not neglect to fill in the column Product Description, try to describe your work in full. For example, if you have decided to sell a logo, specify the meaning of definite colors or signs. If you are selling a website design, describe its advantages, why it will attract the visitors or buyers, why you chose this style or color for this area etc.

You are not confident about your writing abilities, do not use complex phrases, create simple and clear sentences.

When selling a template for a CMS (Wordpress, Joomla etc.), specify for which version it is designed and what files are included in it (PSD, HTML, Flash etc.)

Example of successful Ad:



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