How to prepare a design for sale

We present to your attention several useful recommendations on how to prepare a design for sale.

1. What is perceived by the buyer.

It is an inescapable fact, that appearance plays a critically important role for the buyer. Don't wait for success and money, if your mockup has unclear and wooly forms. Always make sure that images on the screenshot are clearly seen on a computer display:





2. Quality.

If you upload a JPG image, use a minimum compression rate (see paragraph 1). But the original screenshot may not be too large, because hardly any client has enough patience for such a thing.

Note that a screenshot limit of 2MB is applied on our site. But it will be better for everybody, if your screenshot is in the category of up to 800 Kb.

3. Extension.

Certainly, all designers want to sell their mockup in the quickest and most profitable way. To achieve it, you need to take into account, that all buyers are in different conditions. Not all the buyers have large displays, therefore to make an image more convenient for view, it must not exceed 1280px.

4. Protection.

Be careful placing water signs on your mockup, as they may prevent the buyers from viewing your screenshot and may affect your purpose of selling the mockup.




5) You decided to sell a logo.

Think well on how to present it in several variants: in color, black and white, white on black etc. It will not only improve your prestige in the eyes of the buyer, but will also increase the probability that your work will be quickly sold.

Here are several examples of good logo presentation:



6. I want to sell my corporate style.

You should present maximum number of elements in your advertisement: a logo, a letterhead, an envelope, a business card, a calendar etc. It you want to know, what to do to sell a logo, read paragraph 5. And to present other details on your screen shot you need to observe the main rules, listed above. The main thing is the appearance, i.e. the image must be well viewed and be as attractive as possible.

And note, that if you have a suitable slogan in the same package with the samples of envelopes and business cards, show it immediately. It will help you catch a potential customer. 

7. Read How to make a correct advertisement.

and learn the information, which is important for you.

Following our recommendations and applying a bit of imagination, you will easily manage to sell not only your template or corporate style, but everything you want.


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