Selling corporate style: main aspects

It is more difficult to sell a corporate style, than a ready-made website design, due to the fact, that the corporate style must be primarily in conformity with the mission, philosophy and strategy of a company. In this situation it is necessary to take into account different nuances and try to create a corporate style, which is appropriate to companies of definite areas of business, for example, corporate style for construction organizations or a car dealership:



The corporate style in itself includes a logo, a trade mark (sometimes the logo and the trade mark may be different), a corporate font, color etc. All brand identity, made in one style and color, is reflected in corporate media: business cards, envelopes, letterheads, calendars and also on pens, cups and other items. Particular attention has always been driven to selection of a color range, given that it has been discussed for many years on strong influence of color on phychophysiological state and conduct of a person.

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