I want to sell a logo. How can I do it?

You can sell a logo very quickly and profitably, if it combines, first of all two important and seemingly inconsistent things, being multipurpose and having unique character. These aspects allow extension of the circle of potential clients and achievement of overwhelming commercial success.

It is very important to create a laconic title, reflecting both description of the logo itself and its area of destination, for example, "Golden spoon" for public catering or food stores. But you should never use the names of already existing companies, because you may be accused of plagiarism, and never use the word "logo" itself in the name, as it is considered bad manners.

Certainly, all designers want to sell a logo at the highest possible price, but the key point here is to offer an adequate price, i.e. not to overestimate and not to sell it too cheap. The price of the logo varies, depending on its unique character and usefulness, and may be 100-2000 USD. However, the price of 300 USD is currently considered the average price.

The last step to sell a logo is to search for buyers and make a profitable deal. To find clients, several designers post their advertisements in mass media or participate in special logo creating competitions, other use a more effective way and post their works on special services, such as Galior® Market. You should never forget that success of your deal depends on how you present your work. The main aspects of creation of a successful description of logo are shown here:

How to prepare a design for sale

How to make a correct advertisement

If you know all this, Galior-Market offers you to sell a logo, sell profitably a corporate style or drawings. No commissions and intermediaries.


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