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You are purchasing a non-exclusive license. What is it?

You are purchasing an exclusive license. What is it?

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For many buyers this is a fundamental issue.


Please note: Selling replicas or counterfeit items on eBay is prohibited. It is also prohibited to mislead buyers and mention in the ad a brand to which the product is not related. Otherwise, your account may be blocked.It is important for the buyer to understand how durable the item is and whether it is suitable for certain weather conditions. In addition, the consumer may have an allergic reaction to certain types of fabrics


eBay closely monitors compliance with intellectual property rights. Please review the terms andIf you are showing the item on a person, include his or her height and measurements. Write in the ad what size the model is wearing. This way, the buyer will be able to roughly imagine how the item will look on him, comparing the parameters with his one is best logo

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