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This logo is a minimalist and elegant design, perfect for a beauty salon.

Main elements:

Circle: Symbolizes fullness, femininity, and cyclicality, which can be associated with the cycle of renewal and self-care. The yellow color of the circle is associated with warmth, sun, and energy, as well as luxury and gold.

Crescent Moon: Forms the silhouette of a woman's face in profile. This immediately makes it clear that the logo is related to female beauty. The lines of the crescent moon are smooth and graceful, creating a feeling of tenderness and refinement.

Minimalism: The absence of unnecessary details makes the logo memorable and versatile. It is easily reproduced on various media and in different sizes.


The logo evokes associations with beauty, femininity, calmness, and professionalism. It is suitable for a beauty salon that offers high-quality services and strives to create an atmosphere of relaxation and care for its clients.

Additional thoughts:

Font: The name of the salon can be written next to the logo in a font that matches its style. For example, it could be a thin and elegant serif font.

Color palette: Depending on the positioning of the salon, different color palettes can be used. For example, gold and black colors are suitable for a luxury salon, while pastel shades are suitable for a more democratic salon.

Overall, this logo is an excellent choice for a beauty salon that wants to look stylish and professional.

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