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The site supports multiple languages (EN/RU) and multi-currency (RUB/USD)

The project is well optimized for high loads, so you will not have problems with hanging from high traffic.


Jackpot-the odds are distributed among all participants depending on the amount of the bet

Crash-the chance to win determines the site

Dice-the chance to win determines the site

Top-up-the freekassa system allows you to top up with qiwi, wm, yandex money, mobile operators and many other systems + top-up with SKINS.

Conclusion-CSGO/DOTA-via the market, real things (you can add products from Aliexpress) + freekassa

The principle of the market is in the admin panel, we add the market in different subjects (any) when the user wants to withdraw the money goes to the market (e.g. he 1000 rubles) in the store chooses thing of DotA or cs, for example for 800 rubles and displays it on your steam profile, then the request goes to the market where the bot API market buys the item at the market price from the balance of your bot









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