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Sherlock-cool, stylish movie template for DLE

DLE version: 14 and higher

Last checked: the last version of Opera,Yandex,Chrome,Mozila

Width: 1280px max, 320px min.

Package contents: template, detailed instructions


SKYPE: webkubikc

Telegram: webkubikc

I am glad to present you a cool, new, stylish movie template for DLE-Sherlock. The template has an unusual appearance, with an unusual content layout and cool features. The Sherlock template for DLE also has excellent adaptability and is perfectly displayed on mobile devices.


And now the features:


-- responsive design


-- the template does not use font icons, instead svg icons for faster rendering

-- distributed JS load, css added functions for deferred loading of this data

-- made favicons for many devices

-- SEO template is structured

-- offline page

-- separate page 404 errors

-- design of the top 100 with sorting by comments, rating, views

-- ready-made design for the filter module (the module is not included, you can buy it here https://lazydev.pro/product/7-dle-filter.html)

-- ready-made design for the module of auto-filled collections (as well as just design for another module of collections) (the module is not included, I recommend buying this module at the link https://codescript.ru/programming/dle_mods/15-dle-avtomaticheski-napolnjaemye-kollekcii-podborki-dlja-datalife-engine.html)

-- current top news by views for the week

-- ajax custom switch to reduce the load

-- on the main page, the content is divided into output of movies and TV series, with loading by pages on ajax

-- change the type of short news with memorizing the selection

-- the main page is very convenient and informative

-- display the last 5 commented movies on the main page

-- conclusion of the block what is being watched today

-- site updates grouped by date

-- very convenient side panel that contains blocks

-- output of episodes for the current season by TMDB id

-- display the poster and other information in a short search

-- separate design of short and full news for the actors ' page

-- when you hover over a short news poster, a window with additional information POPs up

-- fully implemented the notification

-- the block with the output of the last viewed news is located at the very bottom of the content and uses standard DLE functions

-- implemented a cool image gallery

-- very well developed full news, maximum information for the use

-- the player is not loaded until the user clicks the play button

-- full-screen mode, so that the user is not distracted by anything

-- blocks for different movie information

-- beautifully designed comments

-- playlists for users

-- ajax adding to bookmarks

-- counting negative, neutral, and positive comments

-- if there are more than 4 comments, the rest are hidden under the spoiler

-- very cool mobile version of the template

and much more watch videos and screenshots

Category: Web design Art Cinema | Style: 3 colors


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