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Business, e-commerce Flash template

Price: 66 $

with installation: 66 $

Seller: nat396

Advertising companies Flash template

Price: 3 $

with installation: 7 $

Seller: gorobyk

Web design Flash template

Price: 94 $

with installation: 110 $

Seller: Swanix

Web design Flash template

Price: 63 $

with installation: 71 $

Seller: Swanix

E-commerce Flash template

Price: 16 $

with installation: 236 $

Seller: shapca

Catering Flash template

Price: 16 $

with installation: 236 $

Seller: shapca

Musical Flash template

Price: 16 $

with installation: 236 $

Seller: shapca

Web design Flash template

Price: 24 $

with installation: 31 $

Seller: platinumsemen
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Flash шаблоныThese are so called "semi-manufactured products", created on the basis of Flash-technologies. They represent almost prepared websites with elements of animation, which should be simply installed and filled with content.

For whom?

If you want to create a bright animated website within a record-breaking period of time, but, at the same time, you want such website to remain functional and have convenient structure, Flash templates will be fit for your purposes. They will easily satisfy all your demands and help you save money.

Peculiarities of Flash templates

If you think that websites, based on flash technologies are only a visual effect, you are seriously mistaken. The peculiarity of these templates is that they help create simple functional internet projects with extraordinary design. And, apart from this, they help save money and time.

Practically, the Flash templates are very often applied by photographers, fashionable design studios and entertaining establishments (casinos, night clubs, gyms etc.). But other areas are not an exclusion as well, flash technologies are applied on a website of everybody who likes it.

Such templates will be suitable for people who like to distinguish themselves among others and for those, who need to attract attention of visitors. Flash technologies represent an excellent possibility to create integrated video, advertisement and web components. With the help of these technologies you can make plenty of unusual visual effects, even with 3D elements.

Currently Flash templates are compatible with almost all web browsers and several mobile devices. Due to their simple construction they are easy to use and functional.

A collection of 1.5 Flash templates is gathered on the market of prepared design Galior-Market . Therefore, any flash admirer may select anything for his taste. And it's no secret at all, that such diversity of animated websites, made by professional designers, will hardly leave anybody untouched. Besides, the flash templates at such available prices and on such rare topics may be found only here.

But if you are still studying the market and do not know exactly, what you want, we offer you to visit our section of MotoCMS templates. These multifunctional websites with integrated tools for search optimization are also created on the basis of the flash technology. You will be pleased by the prices and quality!




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