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Corporate identity

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Health Corporate Identity

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New fastloto lottery

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Art business card

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Art business card 2

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What is?

Corporate style is considered one of the most important components of image of any company. It includes a logo, a slogan, a business card, a letterhead, a corporate envelope etc. The corporate style templates represent a set of graphical mockups of the elements, listed above. They are created in compliance with general  concepts of ethics and esthetics of definite areas of business.

For whom?

Decided to start your own business and need to create a corporate image for your firm? Can't afford great financial investments in made-to-order design on the first stages? Prepared templates will be definitely the best solution for you!

Distinctive features

The advantage of the prepared corporate style is that it does not require much time and money for development. Everything you need is to select mockups, which are suitable by topic, and  make necessary adjustments.

Corporate style templates

Currently, corporate style templates have become a vital element of image for any organization or firm in conditions of ever growing competition. People say for a good reason that first impressions are the most lasting. It is clear that hardly any firm may invest a large amount of money in development of individual design of their corporate style at the beginning of their career.

Therefore, an ideal solution in such cases is to buy prepared templates. They will not only relieve you from the need to invest excessive amounts of money, but will also help you significantly save your time and nerves. You may also edit the templates, if you need to. You may change the type and size of the script, the background color, add and delete icons and do many other things.

It is important to note that apart from a logo the corporate style also comprises business cards, and may also include other products, contributing to improvement of image of the organization, for example, cups, T-shirts, pens, calendars and other things.

Corporate style templates on different topics - from business to sports and science - are located in our catalogue of prepared design. You will find, what you need without any problem. We have only professional design at very low prices.

If, apart from anything else, you want to launch a functional website with inimitable appearance, but you have little time and money,  you need to visit the section of Joomla templates. Here you will be able to buy a high quality website with unique attractive design.




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