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Rules of posting

Rules of posting advertisements in the catalogue

  1. Information, published in advertisement, must be true and accurate.
  2. Information, published in advertisement, may not contain strong language and its derivatives, data, infringing in any way rights and liberties of other persons, social groups, races, nationalities etc., and any data, otherwise contradicting the applicable RF law.
  3. Information in advertisement may not infringe copyright of third parties. Otherwise, the Designer shall bear the sole liability in compliance with the RF law.
  4. Information, published in advertisement, may not contain links to other sites (unless it is connected with the sale of this kind of goods or is a mandatory condition of publishing of third party works), and promotional data, connected with other types of activity.
  5. The published works must have a sufficiently high level of graphical design. Otherwise the works may be rejected for publication.


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