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Rules of posting

Forum posting rules

Galior® Market forum is created for communication of professional designers, freelancers, desktop publishers, owners of online resources and creative persons. All the users of our website must abide by these simple rules.

By registration on Galior® Market you confirm that you will observe the rules. You are responsible for your conduct.


  • Incite violence, insult other users in any form.
  • Incite to ethnic hatred.
  • Register multiple accounts.
  • Start disputes on political, social and religious matters!
  • Use obscene language, publish photos with obscenities printed on them.
  • Argue with moderators.
  • Publish non-informative messages, thread crap.
  • Publish images with sexual content on forum.
  • Post in all CAPS, this will be considered as disrespect for other users.
  • Use a text of negative nature as an avatar or a nickname.
  • Create threads that are not connected with the subject of the Forum.
  • Deceive, slander.
  • Publish links to dangerous websites and resources, containing malicious software.
  • Insult users who have made orthographic, stylistic and other mistakes in the text.
  • Tell someone how to live in any form!
  • Discuss historical events, express inadequate point of view which may affect the feelings of other users.
  • Do any actions and publish texts which may discredit our website and Forum.

Our forum is moderated. The administration read all the messages and control the subject matter of the resource, its content. Moderators take care that all the users treat the other forumers with kindness and observe these simple rules.

It is also forbidden to promote services, products, specialized websites and post other commercial information. If you want to post a commercial advertisement, learn our cost of advertising or write to info@galior-market.com


  • Treat all the users with respect.
  • Observe the law!
  • Create informative threads, communicate actively with the other users.
  • Observe the culture of posting. Please, post clear and interesting texts without obscenities.
  • Help registered users of Galior® Market to solve a problem.
  • Cover the topic in full, publish creative ideas.
  • Interchange experience, hold discussions, post useful links to interesting articles and materials.
  • Always be in good mood!

The Forum Administration will apply respective measures to users who infringe the rules of our Forum. Punishment is determined at moderator's discretion. Inadequate and ill-mannered users, who regularly break the rules, will be banned.

Please, observe these rules!

Best regards, Galior® Market Team



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