Welcome to Galior-Market.com!


Galior® Market is created for purchase/sale of websites,
logos and illustrations.


Designers and web studios are provided with a possibility to register and put any prepared design on sale.

  • Galior-market.com runs on 3 languages (EN, ES, RU)
  • More than 21,000 templates
  • Already more than 1,600 freelancers and studios.


  • You establish a price at your discretion and sell your template directly without any commission.
  • A convenient personal account is provided at your disposal for convenient management of advertisements.
  • Special services of priority posting will help you attract client attention to your templates.
  • Web studios, having their own online shop we especially offer to post demo or links to the page of purchase.

Register and sell templates
without fees and intermediaries!


How does our market work?



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