Forecasts for 2015 Web Design Trends

Forecasts for 2015 Web Design Trends

Considering ups and downs in the field of web-design we have experienced 2014 year.  While the industry of web and graphic design creates real killers, we still looking forward and create our predictions for trends to come in 2015.

As web develops towards less complex and more modern design, we think there are several prominent trends that You can take note of. It will help You to create a great site and compete successfully in this business.


Flat desing

Try to change Your passe textures, pictures and other elements focusing on cute and simple flat design. As more people use mobile devices to visit the site, web developers try to create skeen and minimalistic elements for flat screen. While flat design has been quite popular this year, we guarantee that the demand of shiny and easy flat user interface will continue to grow.


Less licky, More Scrolly

Refrain from huge sites that tell the story of Your company for dozens of pages. Today users expect to scroll through all information on one page instead of looking through each of them. Multipage sites require more SEO works and structure that provide content in the form of a single page to win attention of  smart phone and tablet users.


Be responsive

It's expected that in 2015 mobile internet usage will overtake ordinary laptop and desktop computers. Some brands make two separate sites, what means twice more time to spend for work. We predict a surge of timesaving designs that will solve the problem of mobile devices.


Typography above all

Typigraphy art is on a shortest path to the mainstream. (We've received a lot of applications to prove it). Today fonts of high quality are available at affordable prices for small business, that had to pay a lot of money before. Rich typography will dominate in 2015.

We can't predict the future exactly, but the events of 2014 year can help us to make appropriate conclusions what will be demand in 2015. Web designers develop so fast and confident. It suggests that the design will get more interesting and creative in the next few years.


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