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Help / Paid Services

To promote your templates in the catalogue we offer the following services:


 Highlight ad

  1. The advertisement is highlighted in yellow.
  2. A yellow star appears in the upper left corner of a screenshot.
  3. The cost of the template (when specified) is written on a bright red label.

Your template will be noted for sure!

Connect the service



Your template will take the first place in the catalogue!

Connect the service



 Featured Templates block

This block has 3 positions:

On main page
Total number of spaces: 5
On catalogue pages 
in common list

Total number of spaces: 4
On catalogue page
in a respective category

Total number of spaces: 4

All three positions may be purchased at the same time.

The advertisements in Featured Templates blocks are posted by turn. As soon as the service is connected, the ad will take the upper left space in the selected block. When another ad appears there, your ad will be moved to the right. It will be in this block until it is "forced out" by other advertisements. Thus, your advertisement can stay in Featured Templates block for a very long time! 

Connect this service


How to connect the services?

  1. Select the required advertisement in section Services of your account. You will see a block with services available for your ad on the right:

  2. Tick the services you want to connect (you may not select the services, that are already connected).
  3. Press Pay button.

The payment is effected from your account on site. The Services will become active automatically as soon as the total amount is debited from your account.

Connect paid services


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