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Help / Seller's rating

Each seller on our market has his own rating. It defines the activity level of the seller on our site and depends on plenty of factors.

The rating is updated every 2 minutes and is calculated as follows:


Factor To rating
Starting rating at user registration +10 
For each visit of the site
(No more than once a day)
For each posted template
(Accrued once at successful posting of a new template. If the template is deleted, the score is not cancelled. The score is not assigned at reposting of an inactive template)
For each post on forum +2 
For PROF account
(As long as PROF account is active, actual rating is multiplied on this factor)
Profile filling:
Social networks (per each one) +10
ICQ, Skype, telephone (per each one) +10
Web site +10
For each additional specialization +5
Date of birth +5
Avatar +20
About you +20



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