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Playfilmo is a very cool adaptive movie template for DLE with excellent functionality, nice features and a great perception for the user.


-- adaptive design

-- two types of the main page

--- 1) blocks with a carousel

--- 2) regular blocks

-- ready-made design for the filter module (no module included)

-- embedded

--- displaying bookmarks in your profile

--- circular rating in the profile from the total number of likes and dislikes in the comments

-- cool adaptive callery

-- very conveniently designed main news page

-- the SEO template is structured

-- made the layout for all the posters under the global markup

-- for convenience, the headers are displayed in the header

-- full implementation of short messages instead of the standard event notification

-- ajax loading of the sidebar with the output of recent comments and so on

-- avatars in comments, profiles, are colored randomly with the first letter of the nickname (if there is no avatar)

-- in the full news, everything is placed in separate tabs, by type description, video, and similar

-- design for two types of rating-stars and the last type, separate likes and dislikes that have a progress bar

-- voice search only works with https

-- on the main page, blocks are not displayed immediately, but as you scroll, which reduces the load

-- output of the average score on the site, in the full news, both the site's rating and KP and imdb are considered as a percentage

-- without using the module, all site updates are displayed on a separate page and grouped by date

-- users will not be able to send comments until they register

-- personal adaptability

-- almost all pages are taken into account

-- in blocks with movies, there is an additional button that opens a list with the ability to add this news to bookmarks and view the trailer with a description

-- lazy image loading

-- distributed js load, css added functions for deferred loading of this data

-- the template doesn't use font icons, instead it uses svg icons for faster rendering

-- the standard DLE images are taken into account by type no, poster, not tawatarki, spoilers, read in PM and TP

-- made favicons for many devices

-- separate page 404 errors

-- offline page

Category: Web design Art Cinema | Style: Responsive design


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