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VKINO - this is a new movie template is very awesome and stylish adaptive template for movie sites on DLE, this is a completely new template, easy and fast.

The template has a very rich functionality. In more detail about functionality, you can read below, and also see on video and screenshots.

Version: 11-13.x

Width: 1200px

Complete set: template, detailed instruction, logo made of fonts. 

 Pattern Features:

- High-quality responsive design.

- excellent adaptability

- modern design 

- convenient menu layout

- ad space

- for branding

- ajax toggle the kind of short news with remembering the choice

- ajax trailer in the brief news window

- ajax alphabet (you must have enabled - the formation of the letter directory)

- ajax bookmarks (even guests can add bookmarks that are automatically transferred to the profile after registration)

- trendy progress bar in youtube style

- rating with separate likes and dislikes and the conclusion of the overall assessment in the style of youtube

- design under the news filtering module from punpun https://lazydev.pro/product/7-field-search.html

- design under the collection module from punpun https://lazydev.pro/product/14-dle-collections.html

- registration under the filtering module of news from sander https://sandev.pro/shop/84-xsort-by-sander.html

- registration of the full news for movies

- registration of the full news for serials

- registration of the full news for the series (for those who display serially)

- bookmarks in profile

- when switching slider, it changes its background to pictures from posters

- Font Awesome Pro 5 is connected to the template

- changed notification output function

- easy template, no graphics

- built-in script "FakePlayer" with which you can embed your clickable advertising picture or video issued under the video player, setting the display interval in seconds.

- separate news tops in categories (for each category its own)

- a drop-down menu with genres can be displayed in 3 columns as well as in 1.

- the page with movie viewing is made as convenient as possible. Tabs and off lights are available for players.

- in avatars of visitors' comments the first letter of the name is substituted, and the avatar itself is painted in a random color.

- in the brief news when you hover appears a window with information about the film

- news (shortstory) are automatically divided by update dates

- in the lower menu displays the number of selected news (for users).

- a place to display seo descriptions both on the main and in categories

- The template has excellent adaptability and mobile version.

Category: Anime Art Cinema Media | Style: Flat


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