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What is a Mambo template?

Mambo represent prepared website design, which is especially developed for Mambo content management system. They are easy-to-use and professionally made.


Templates for Mambo are completely adapted for CMS and almost ready to use. Such web design costs much cheaper, than a personal development and, consequently, takes far less time in installation and creation of content.

For whom?

These templates will be an ideal solution in terms of money and time saving, for everybody, who decided to launch a personal website on the basis of Mambo CMS.

Ready-to-use templates for Mambo are a quick and simple solution for a website

The need in ready-to-use templates has recently increased. It is connected with the fact, that they are cheap and do not require much time for installation and filling with information. It is worth noting that the quality and originality of the prepared design grows from year to year, as it starts to compete with made-to-order websites.

Mambo templates are high quality websites with attractive design. They are developed for Mambo content management system, which is currently one of the most popular platforms. The templates are installed within several minutes, they are flexible and easy-to-use. Besides, they are easily adjusted and modified.

Owing to this, the system is used by a great number of persons all over the world. You will always be able to get advice and technical support, notwithstanding that the program is so easy, that you will hardly have to look for professional specialists to create a high quality website.  

The catalogue of prepared design Galior-Market contains a collection of Mambo templates of different color thematic solutions. You should only look through our collection and choose the most suitable variant. Available prices and high quality of design will help you quickly make the right decision.

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