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Sets of icons

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Star icon

Seller: melin

Business Icons set

Price: 24 $

Seller: monsters

Business Icons set

Price: 22 $

Seller: monsters

Big Icons Collection

Price: 5 $

Seller: ADBK

Travelling Icons set

Price: 9 $

Seller: monsters

Business Icons set

Price: 12 $

Seller: monsters

Sport Icons set

Price: 12 $

Seller: monsters

Animals Icons set

Price: 10 $

Seller: monsters

Business Icons set

Price: 48 $

Seller: monsters

Animals Icons set

Price: 4 $

Seller: biruzza

Logo Medical Center

Price: 17 $

Seller: maximus233

Interior design Icons set

Buyout price: 5 $

Seller: FixMAN

Web design Icons set

Price: 1 $

with installation: 3 $

Seller: UIKit
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What is?

Sets of icons are prepared navigational pictures for websites, created on one topic by professional web designers.

Distinguishing features

The sets of thematic icons are already prepared for use, they are made in one style and color. You won't have to spend much money and time on development of icons for your website.

For whom?

If you want to diversify your website and, at the same time, to save time and money, icon templates will become an excellent solution for you. Simply choose an icon, which is suitable by style, from our catalogue, and your website will immediately change.

Thematic sets of icons on Galior-Market

The sets of thematic icons represent a collection of navigation pictures, created in one style and color range. Such mockups are convenient, because they may become a decoration of very different websites, blogs and forums. Do you want to have amicable and bright navigation on your web page? Prepared sets of icons will help you!

The most attractive and original collections of navigation pictures at very available prices are gathered on Galior-Market. Here you may find very different topics, such as, for example, medicine, sports, business, travelling and even multipurpose icons, which will be suitable for any websites, forums or blogs.

You may also buy multipurpose templates of websites at a low price. They are made in neutral style and may be used in very different internet projects, irrespective of their direction. Only high quality and attractive templates from professional web masters and studios are located on our website.

The icon templates, located on our website, are simple and convenient-to-use. If it is necessary, you may edit them by yourself, changing the color, font size etc. Our collection of navigation pictures is constantly updated, so even the most demanding visitor will be able to select a suitable variant.

Do you already know what you need? Even if you don't, start viewing our templates as soon as possible! Available prices, high quality and unique design are warranted!




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