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Online shop if one of the most widespread types of websites. And the special script, namely shop script, was created to facilitate its development and filling. The majority of websites, presented in the Russian Web segment, work on its basis.

The cause of such popularity of Shop-Script is a huge number of  functions, which are available immediately after the installation

As the script is oriented at online shops, it provides the possibility to edit the content, create and change positions, it has a virtual  shopping cart and order form. There are also additional functions, which are convenient for a website owner, such as printing of invoices and forms of postal items, sticks of photos for marking of the goods etc.

Those, who do not know the script enough, can, however, create a high quality and functioning online shop themselves. For these purposes it is only required to use shop script templates, which may be downloaded from this page.

Shop-Script - unpacking, installation and adjustment

Shop-Script templates are also convenient to use, because they do not require any skills of a programmer or a web designer for their installation. Each template has a completed design and adjusted functions. You should only place the template on hosting and fill it with content.

The great diversity of templates makes it possible to choose the variant, which will be the most appropriate to the topic and type of the goods on sale.

And the most important is that the template will be inimitable. As compared with free versions, available for downloading, which are the causes of appearance of website clones, this template will enable you to cut through the clutter and get high positions in search engine results.  

It is important, that shop script may be bought with installation: it will simplify the task of its placement on hosting.




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