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Business card

Price: 2 $

Seller: dizmir

Business card

Price: 2 $

Seller: dizmir

Girl in blue blouse

Price: 6 $

Seller: Janar

Label for eggs

Price: 16 $

Seller: julitka

Cool Movie

Price: 8 $

with installation: 8 $

Seller: r123456789

Leaflet generic

Price: 3 $

Seller: Irinamedvedeva
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Printing is one of the branches of industry, which deals with multiplication of different printing products, such as business products, books and magazines, packing and labeling products.

Printing templates represent prepared designer's solutions for thematic advertising booklets, business cards, children ware prints and many other things .

Galior-Market offers a wide choice of unique prepared printing templates from among already existing the most popular formats and designer's solutions and provides the possibility to create new unique projects, for example, to place your logo, photos, text, select necessary color solution and prepare the mockup for printing in the printing office of the author you like.

We deal with sales of prepared templates and designer's solutions from high class specialists, who place their works on our website.

We present to your attention a wide range of prepared templates for printing on different topics, namely:

  • a collection of black-and-white templates, colorful, stylish and informative business cards;
  • advertising and information booklets, for banks, travelling agencies, manufacturers of watches, chocolate, wine, with the use of high quality images of personal photo bank ;
  • mockups for photos and graduation vignettes;
  • prepared prints for silk-screening, on children's and teenager's clothes, together with recommendations on a printing method ;
  • prepared designer's solutions for packages of food and different beverages;
  • templates with stereo effect, based on multidimensional surveying and 3D – modeling.

Here you may find a template for your printing website with account for all your wishes. 




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