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E-commerce InSales template

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E-commerce, Beauty InSales template

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InSales. A professional and convenient system to manage an online shop

The InSales platform is especially developed for online shops. Such content management system is ideally suitable for small and medium-sized companies. InSales enables the buyers to make up to 2000 orders per day on the website.

Why is InSales preferred by more and more emergent entrepreneurs and owners of online shops ?

On Galior® Market we offer you to select a professional website template. The InSales platform will enable its owner to change some details of the prepared design. It won't require any special knowledge.

InSales is a young platform which is constantly upgraded, its functionality is extended. The content management system is created by Russian programmers, in 2009 it won the prestigious competition WebReady.

Currently, thousands of clients have entrusted the management of their online shops to this platform. InSales will be ideally suitable for a first-time entrepreneur, who wants to develop his or her own business on the Web:

  • The platform has more than 80 services, which facilitate significantly the process of purchase and improve the functionality of the whole online shop. For example, there are SMS notices for clients.
  • An entrepreneur can independently edit and manage the online project, it won't require the services of a programmer.
  • InSales is integrated with 1C and other systems, such as the Russian Post, delivery and payment services.
  • A website, functioning on such platform, is quickly loaded even if the traffic is high. Such characteristic is especially important for online shops.
  • InSales is a platform which is reliably protected against different viruses and DDoS attacks.

Owing to easy management and excellent functionality, more and more owners of online shops prefer this CMS.

How to order a template for InSales?

Galior® Market is a unique platform, where it is possible to purchase a template of an online shop for a reasonable price, which is especially developed for InSales and other CMS.

We offer you to speak directly with template developers on our forum. Here you can register on Galior® Market . On our resource you will quickly select a website template with exclusive design, which will become available for implementation in your online project as soon as possible.




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