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Auth/Register Form

Price: 1 $

with installation: 2 $

Seller: HeyDen

E-commerce, Landing page JQuery template

Price: 28 $

with installation: 34 $


Seller: bokov

Business, Online casino JQuery template

Price: 47 $

with installation: 55 $

Seller: DeniisUFA

Entertainment websites JQuery template

Price: 6 $

with installation: 7 $

Seller: Akenfuld

Photo gallery JQuery template

Price: 8 $

with installation: 9 $

Seller: Akenfuld

Gaming JQuery template

Price: 2 $

Seller: misha24
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What is a jQuery template?

jQuery templates are ready-to-use  website templates, developed on the basis of plug-in jQuery, so called "template engine". Owing to this plug-in, it is possible to create interactive elements on the website without the use of  flash-technologies.

For whom?

Using jQuery templates, any user may create his own website with animated elements. An advantage of such prepared mockups is that you may get a functional and bright website at minimum time and money cost. What is the peculiarity of jQuery templates?

The peculiarity of jQuery templates is that they are ready-to-use. You only need to fill them with respective information, images and upload to hosting.

jQuery  templates are the best solution for creation of dynamic and functional websites

If you want your website to have attractive and dynamic design, apart from being functional, jQuery templates will be the best solution in such a case. Owing to the plug-in jQuery Templates, such templates may have animated effects without using the obsolete and  "boring" flash-technologies.

jQuery templates are a new look at your internet project. They are easily installed and adjusted. You won't need to involve professional programmers or learn the principles of programming yourself. Such sketches have attractive and effective appearance and do not create any problems in use.

 jQuery templates are presented in our catalogue of prepared design Galior-Market in different categories and topics: science, computers, hotel industry, beauty and many other things. Available prices, high quality and professional approach will enable you to select a suitable variant.

If you are still in the state of uncertainty, you may also view prepared  Joomla templates  and WordPress templates. Using them, it is possible to create a multifunctional website, information portal, personal blog, news resource and even an online shop. Wide choice of topics and adequate prices will help you make your choice.

What concerns jQuery templates, it is also worth adding, that they have multiple applications. It may be a simple personal website and a corporate portal or a complex online shop.  jQuery templates is a combination of functionality and exclusive design, and this is an undeniable advantage. 




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