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На русском

Price: 100 $

with installation: 10 $

Seller: 0554551799

Selling small corporate site

Price: 8 $

with installation: 16 $

Seller: devRizvan

Portal InstantCMS template

Price: 16 $

with installation: 24 $

Seller: prodima
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What is?

InstantCMS templates represent prepared design for creation of social networks, online clubs, dating websites and city portals. They are developed with the content management system InstantCMS, which is a free multifunctional program, created on the basis of PHP technologies, using MySQL as a database.  

InstantCMS templates: peculiarities

The peculiarity of these templates is that they represent almost prepared websites, made in a unique way. They do not require large financial investments, as compared with made-to-order websites. Using InstantCMS templates, you won't need to spend much time, they are easily loaded on hosting and filled with content.

Area of application

InstantCMS teplates are used for creation of different communities. These may be social networks, dating websites, forums, portals etc.

Prepared InstantCMS templates on Galior-Market

Using InstantCMS templates, you will be able to create a community of any complexity and scales quickly and easily, with original bright design. These may be blogs and clubs, portals, different photo galleries and even dating websites.

InstantCMS templates are distinguished by their functionality and convenience of management and adjustment. They are equipped with necessary tools and modules. The integrated automatic installer performs all necessary checks, updates and shows necessary recommendations.

Websites, created on the basis of InstantCMS, represent a number of convenient possibilities for the user. Each user has his own personal profile, any of them can make "friends" and track their activity within the community, create closed groups etc. The award rating system allows to distinguish the most active and interesting participants of the website.  

Users of InstantCMS сommunities may create personal blogs, galleries, write articles and do many other things. New plug-ins and components are automatically installed on the website through the control panel.

InstantCMS templates are represented in our catalogue in the most different topics and at available prices. Here you will find not only high quality design from professional web studios and freelance designers. We thoroughly select any template.

If you are interested in creation of a functional online shop, Insales templates will become an excellent solution for you, which will make it possible to save you money and precious time.  




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