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Что из себя представляют?

PHPShop templates represent prepared design for websites, created on the basis of the free content management system PHPShop. This program is specifically adapted for inexperienced users and oriented at Runet.

Distinctive features of PHPShop templates

These templates are ready for installation on hosting and do not require additional adjustments. They are extremely easy-to-operate, so you will hardly need any help of professional programmers. The prepared templates are much cheaper than made-to-order design, but have the same quality and attractiveness.

For whom?

Do you want to become an owner of a website? But you have no idea on how to do it? PHPShop templates are an ideal variant for you! They are developed especially for users who have no special knowledge of programming. Everything is very simple and clear.

PHPShop templates on Galior-Market . It is profitable and reasonable!

The content management system PHPShop is popular and well-known on the Russian market. It is adapted for users, who cannot work with difficult software. PHPShop use  Easy Control utility for loading on hosting, extension or update of the main functionality. It facilitates significantly all these processes.

The interface of administrator's panel is made  according to software shells Microsoft Windows, making it easier for many users to work with the system. You may independently edit the content of your website, if you want to, due to special content editors, integrated in the templates. These editors make it possible to do all necessary manipulations with text and graphics .

PHPShop templates are distinguished by unique character, have a convenient photo gallery, a special news mailing function, provide the possibility to change languages and appearance of the control panel. They are also equipped with tools for SEO optimization, collection of statistics and marketing promotion. In general, it is a real pleasure to work with  PHPShop templates. Everything is extremely convenient and simple.

If you know for sure that you want to create a forum, ready-to-use PhpBB templates will be the best variant for you, and if you want to open your own online shop, we have a special section of functional PrestaShop templates for such cases.

There's a wide choice of high quality and attractive templates, great diversity of topics and available prices on our market of prepared design. 




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