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Architecture, Construction MODx template

Price: 47 $

with installation: 141 $

Seller: Freelancer02

Construction MODx template

Price: 79 $

with installation: 94 $

Seller: suprun4uk
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What is?

MODx is a free modern content management system with open license and open source code. MODx templates represent prepared attractive design for creation of websites of any complexity and direction.

Possible area of application

The area of application of MODx templates is very wide. These templates may be applied in creation of websites and web applications of any scales and for different purposes.


MODx templates represent prepared design for your website, which has no need in rework and additional adjustments. Everything you need is to install the template on hosting and fill your future website with necessary content. Using MODx templates, you will not only accelerate the process of creation of your internet project, but will also significantly save your money.

MODx templates. Advantages are evident!

MODx system has received different awards as one of the most successful and perspective content management systems on numerous occasions. And this is not surprising, as it has a number of useful advantages. Owing to powerful API-functions and event handler, it is possible to create easily web applications of almost any complexity and adjust the work of MODx core without touching the source code.

MODx templates are very simple and convenient to use, so you won't have to learn the basics of programming or use the help of professional programmers. They have clean and logical interface, which does not create any problems or inconveniences for the users.

It is also important to note that website developers have the possibility to use a number of free modules and receive information from an ever growing community.

These templates are equipped with a user registration system and  a system of generation of a website menu. They have integrated search on AJAX, a system for publishing comments, generating catalogues, blogs, news etc.

MODx templates are presented on our market in different topics. You will be able to select a suitable template variant at available prices without any problem. We have only unique website design from professional web masters, made with high quality.  

If you decided to do business seriously and, apart from your personal website, you need an inimitable logo or a full corporate style package, here you will be able to purchase original templates of logos, business cards, letterheads etc. at very affordable prices. 




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