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AMIRO.CMS templates

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Web design, Gaming AMIRO.CMS template

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What is AMIRO.CMS templates?

AMIRO.CMS шаблоныThis is a prepared website design, developed on the basis of the content management system AMIRO.CMS. This CMS is well known, being a multipurpose platform, allowing to create internet projects of different complexity and scales.

What is the peculiarity of AMIRO.CMS templates?

AMIRO.CMS templates are extremely easy-to-install and have small requirements to software configuration of the customer and hosting server. Their adjustment will take only a number of hours.

Area of application

As it was noted above, AMIRO.CMS is a multipurpose system, therefore, you will always be able to use prepared design on the basis of AMIRO, no matter what project you have decided to make. It may be an online shop, a business card website, a corporate website, an online catalogue, an information portal and many other websites.

AMIRO.CMS templates create any internet project in a matter of hours!

If you need to create an attractive website within an extremely limited period of time, but you don't have a large amount of money, prepared templates on the basis of AMIRO.CMS will help you. Their advantages are not only connected with saving money and time, but also with their convenient installation and management. Besides, they do not require any deep knowledge of programming.

AMIRO.CMS templates are also good, because they provide a great number of modules for content management, such as "news", "articles", "file archive", "photo albums", "stickers", "tags", "subscription, mail", "jobs". Besides, using the prepared AMIRO.CMS templates in website creation, you won't have any problems with payment systems. The CMS supports a wide range of payment platforms, such as Webmoney, ROBOKASSA, Yandex Money, RBK Money, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout, Authorize.net, AvisoSMS, OnePay, AcquiroPay.

If you approximately imagine, what your website must look line, visit our catalogue, where there are only high quality AMIRO.CMS templates, made by professional web masters.

Have you decided to stop on creation of an online shop? Our section of ZenCart templates will be fit for your purposes! Great diversity of topics and available prices will help you make your choice quickly and easily. You will become an owner of a fully functional website only in a couple of clicks.




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