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Business, Catering UMI.CMS template

with installation: 79 $

Buyout price: 471 $

Seller: Norton

Business, Landing page UMI.CMS template

with installation: 71 $

Buyout price: 471 $

Seller: Norton
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 UMI.CMS Templates: what possibilities are provided by this functional CMS?

Galior® Market is a unique resource, where thousands of ready-made templates are presented. You will always be able to select a required design for your online project from the detailed catalogue.

What is UMI.CMS?

Currently UMI.CMS is considered an extremely popular platform in Russia, it enables its owner to edit quickly the website content. More than 70 thousand online projects are functioning now on this engine.  UMI.CMS is ideally suitable for creation of online shops and large projects.

The system of complex management is used by legal and consulting companies, printing companies, jewelry, industrial, transportation and other companies. The platform is especially created for those who need a flexible, reliable and fast website.

Functional advantages of websites on UMI.CMS

An important advantage of the platform is its advanced functionality, which is not commonly found in majority of free systems. UMI.CMS makes it possible to create a fast and easy-to-use online shop. Using this CMS, you will be able to edit product descriptions and other information directly on the website.

Among the main functional advantages of the platform are:

  • convenient posting of information and photos on the website. UMI.CMS makes it possible to change website design in several minutes. You should only select a ready-made template from our catalogue and implement it in the system;
  • increased security. The website is effectively protected against external threats and attacks, misuse. It may be restored at any time from a control point;
  • the possibility of integration with different payment systems;
  • rapid work. UMI.CMS functions more quickly in comparison with other platforms.

In spite of the functionality and unlimited possibilities, even an inexperienced user can independently edit pages and the structure of the resource, applying UMI.CMS. The intuitively clear interface provides the possibility to understand quickly the most important functions.

As we see, the UMI.CMS platform makes it possible to bring ideas to life to the greatest extent and  launch an online project quickly! According to numerous specialized investigations, this content management system currently occupies the first place in Russia in quality. The catalogue of Galior® Market contains templates of the most challenging and original design. The best developers and studios place ready-made products on sale. 




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